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How to open a business bank account online?

In the UK, over 99% of the business population comprises of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The rapid growth of SMEs in the country has necessitated the need for company owners to open business accounts for the efficient running of…

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What are the conditions for opening an account?

If a lot of French people today decide to move from a physical bank to an online bank, it is not for nothing. Indeed, these platforms very regularly offer promotional offers for their customers, but they also offer the opportunity…

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Why choose online banks to make a sponsorship?

For decades, banks, especially online banks, have seen their customer base grow in number thanks to the referral system. Both the referrer and the sponsor benefit from this, if only the premiums are mentioned. What do you need to know?…

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What is the online banking sponsorship offer?

Today, in order to attract new customers, online banks are offering referral offers that anyone who wants to earn money on the Internet can take full advantage of. Each time you refer a new customer to the establishment, you earn…

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Borrow money by applying online

Applying for a personal loan or credit on the Internet is relatively simple. But by comparing the many offers on offer, you are more likely to make a wise choice. How do I apply for credit on the Internet? Start…

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Steps to apply for a loan online

While individuals have long had to go to their bank to take out a credit agreement, the digital revolution has lastingly transformed the consumer credit landscape. You can now apply for consumer credit online to save both time and money….

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Make a credit in Switzerland directly online by choosing the right platform

Personal credit in Switzerland is divided into two main categories: conventional and online. A large part of the personal lending business in Switzerland is carried out in a conventional manner, in which borrowers visit a lender’s branch in person and…

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