Why choose online banks to make a sponsorship?

For decades, banks, especially online banks, have seen their customer base grow in number thanks to the referral system. Both the referrer and the sponsor benefit from this, if only the premiums are mentioned. What do you need to know? Why choose online banking?

Banking sponsorship principle

The sponsorship system, aimed at broadening the customer base, is based primarily on the "sponsor-sponsor" principle, whereby a sponsor recommends a bank offer or service to a sponsored person. If the latter subscribes to the offer, the sponsor is rewarded with a gift equivalent to the godchild's gift at the time of subscription. A number of conditions are useful to benefit from this offer, including the opening of a bank account. They must be a natural person, of legal age, subject to taxes and duties and above all must meet the criteria imposed by the bank. However, a godchild is not eligible if he or she is already a customer of the bank. Each bank offers different types of sponsorship: online current accounts, i.e. interest-bearing accounts, securities accounts, mortgages and life insurance. Are you interested in the experience? Start with your loved ones. All you have to do is send your sponsor code to your referred friends and that's it.

Advantages and disadvantages of online banking

One of the objectives of every bank is to acquire more customers. Each banking institution has various marketing strategies to achieve this. In addition to online savings, passbooks, interest-bearing accounts and sponsorship offers are also part of the banks' diversification policy. This process is more developed on the Internet, which makes online banking the best option. In addition, opening a bank account is easier, almost all day-to-day transactions are free of charge. Of course, you have to justify your minimum income at the time of your subscription. Even if your income is irregular, online banking guarantees you a regular income thanks to sponsorship. What's more, in the event of a bank overdraft, interest rates are much lower compared to those of traditional banks. The only negative point is the inability to get in touch with a direct adviser and the impossibility of depositing cash.

Useful tips for getting started

It must be acknowledged that the opening of a bank account, for both traditional and online banks, requires the presentation of some proof of identity: identity card or passport, rent receipt, telephone or electricity bill, signature. It will also be useful to make a minimum deposit. It all depends on the bank you wish to subscribe with. Indeed, the money deposited will be used as a "top/best way" to activate your account. You should know that for a sponsorship, the offer is often limited to 10 per year. After your earnings approach a level of industrialization, the tax law requires that these earnings are subject to income tax. Many have taken advantage of this offer. Of course, the premiums depend on the products offered and also on the bank in question. Know how to make your choice: who, and what to choose in order to get richer?

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