Banking sponsorship

Bank sponsorship: Where to find a sponsor?

Have you just discovered that online banks offer bonuses for opening a new account at their establishment when you are sponsored? You want to take advantage of these few pennies to round out your ends of the month, but don’t…

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Best sponsorship offers from online banks

In an ongoing effort to attract more and more new customers, many online banks are now offering referral offers that allow their existing customers to earn money by bringing a new registrant into the institution. Faced with the multitude of…

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Learn how to better manage your budget to save money

In an overconsumption society, we are often confronted with many financial temptations. Learning to better manage one’s budget often requires rigour, discipline and self-control. Indeed, sacrifices are necessary in order to envisage a stable and fulfilling financial situation. By starting…

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Term accounts: how to choose wisely?

A bank account that does not charge all the usual fees (for account opening, management, transactions, etc.) and that offers gains after a certain period of time is an ideal investment. A loan given to a bank This is how…

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