Best sponsorship offers from online banks

In an ongoing effort to attract more and more new customers, many online banks are now offering referral offers that allow their existing customers to earn money by bringing a new registrant into the institution. Faced with the multitude of offers on offer, it becomes difficult to choose the one that will be the most advantageous for you so, discover our tips to find the best offer for you.

What is the sponsorship system?

The sponsorship offers offered by most online banks, as the name suggests, have the same principle as traditional sponsorship. Only, a customer who sponsors a relative to open a bank account with the institution earns a referral bonus, while the new registrant earns a referral bonus. The banks then reward the subscriptions by offering an amount of money to both the sponsor and the sponsee, making it a win-win offer for both. This new business method takes advantage of the fact that sponsorship does not only affect the family circle, but can also be applied to relatives. You can therefore make a few hundred euros by encouraging your friends, colleagues and neighbours to open a current account.

Criteria to consider in order to know the best offer

Before being eligible for these sponsorship offers, sponsors and godchildren will have to meet numerous conditions that vary from one bank to another. It is therefore on these conditions and certain selection criteria that you will have to base your choice, but what are they in reality? - The amount of the premium for the sponsor (150 € max) and the godchild (80 € max) - The amount of the initial payment (minimum 300 €, but may be higher) - The conditions to be met: age, tax residence, accumulation of premiums or not - Additional bonuses when subscribing to other financial services such as life insurance or stock exchange offers for example - The maximum number of godchildren per year (10 on average) . It's up to you to find out which banks you're interested in to find the right one for your needs.

How do I find the right offer?

To find the best offers on the most advantageous securities accounts, it is advisable to go to an online comparator. These practical and free Internet tools will allow you to search the web for the offers that best meet your expectations and needs. All you have to do is enter your selection criteria in the dedicated fields and the platform will carry out the prospecting for you. This is the ideal solution to save time and money.

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