What is the online banking sponsorship offer?

Today, in order to attract new customers, online banks are offering referral offers that anyone who wants to earn money on the Internet can take full advantage of. Each time you refer a new customer to the establishment, you earn a referral bonus and your referral also receives earnings for opening the account. But how does this system work and how to benefit from it?

Sponsorship offers, how does it work?

Recent online banks in France have invented a marketing technique that is increasingly appealing to individuals thanks to these sponsorship offers. In reality, this is a scheme set up to reward those who recommend to their friends and family to join the bank in which they are registered. As soon as you introduce the customer as your godchild, you get a referral bonus, but you should also know that the customer will also benefit from a godchild bonus. These bank services are therefore win-win, which is why they are so popular with many Internet users. The advantage of the sponsoring principle is that you are not obliged to be related to your godchild, he or she can be a friend, neighbour or colleague.

What are the conditions to benefit from it?

Although most online banks offer different conditions for obtaining bonuses, it is important to note that they are all similar in the broadest sense: - The sponsored person(s) must be a new customer. - The sponsorship limit is a maximum of 10 per year. - The sponsor and the godchild must be physical, of legal age and resident in metropolitan France. - The godchild will have to keep his account for at least 1 year. - The payment of an initial deposit at opening - Respect for a minimum wage

How do you choose your bank and find a sponsor?

To find a person to sponsor, you have a wide range of choices, as banks do not reserve sponsorship only for family and friends. You can therefore introduce an acquaintance or colleague who would like to join an online bank. This can also be done by godchildren who are looking for sponsors. To choose your bank, it is important to compare the sponsorship offers proposed by the site on dedicated platforms. This will allow you to take advantage of the best proposal while earning the maximum bonuses. To multiply your earnings, you can even open an account with several banks.

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