Borrow money by applying online

Applying for a personal loan or credit on the Internet is relatively simple. But by comparing the many offers on offer, you are more likely to make a wise choice.

How do I apply for credit on the Internet?

Start by doing a search to find serious and recognized organizations that offer personal loans online. Then compare the offers with each other using a credit comparator on the Internet; the credit simulation is simple and free. There are different personal loan options available to help you make your plans come true. For more information on this subject, visit this site. Generally, you will be asked to follow the following steps:
  1. Fill out the online form to enter your personal contact information, as well as details about your project and your budget forecast.
  2. Your file will be studied by the lender and the answer to your request will be quickly sent to you by email. It is also possible that you may be asked for additional details by an advisor over the phone.
  3. If your application is pre-accepted, you will need to provide copies of certain supporting documents. These may include an identity card, bank details, proof of address, pay slips, etc.
  4. After validation of the supporting documents, you will have to sign your contract. Some lenders offer you a signature directly online using your electronic identity card and your personal code. This is much easier because you don't have to print out the contract and send it back by post.
  5. The amount borrowed will then be transferred to your account.

Benefits of applying for credit online

Internet users appreciate this approach because it is easy, accessible and fast. In addition, it is...
  • You don't have to travel to meet a counsellor in an establishment or agency;
  • You can do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • You save precious time by doing the whole procedure in real time on the Internet;
  • The loan application can be made from your computer, smartphone or tablet, wherever you are.
  • The cost of credit obtained online is very often lower than that of a traditional financial institution.
  • To stand out from the competition, Internet lenders frequently offer promotional offers that you can take advantage of. - You will receive your answer and the payment of your loan more quickly than if you had to travel.
  • The online financial institution will provide you with an amount of money that will allow you to carry out your personal project. The term of the loan can be a few months or a few years.

Who can borrow online?

Anyone who is over 18 years old and whose tax domicile is in Belgium can apply for a personal loan online. However, lenders have their own selection criteria and the request for supporting documents to be provided may vary. As for the conditions for obtaining an online loan, just like those for traditional institutional credit, they can be summarised as follows:
  • You must have a regular income.
  • You must not be registered negatively by the Central Office for Personal Credits of the Belgian National Bank.
  • Your indebtedness must not exceed a percentage that allows you to repay the monthly instalment of your new loan without any difficulty.
  • You must have sufficient repayment capacity and a stable professional situation.
The collaborative loan is another option, which allows individuals to indirectly lend money to each other to finance personal projects. You will find various platforms on the Internet that specialise in this type of transaction. Here, too, you will need to fill out a form and create your profile. Your request will then be analysed immediately.

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