What is sponsorship in an online bank?

In a desire to attract more new customers, online banks now offer referral offers that allow sponsors to earn money simply by bringing a new account holder into their bank. But what does this really involve and what are the things to consider before getting started?

Sponsorship offers, how does it work?

Based on the word-of-mouth principle, whereby a satisfied customer becomes an ambassador for his bank to his friends and family and recommends that they open an account, the sponsorship offers offered by online banks add more spice to the previously unattractive offer. Indeed, from the 2000s onwards, they do not skimp on marketing to capture taxpayers since each customer who sponsors a new customer will be able to earn a bonus for his or her action (up to 150 euros). The sponsee also earns a godchild bonus of up to 80 euros. Another considerable advantage of the offer is that you will be able to refer people who are neither family members nor friends, such as colleagues. The principle is the same regardless of the type of bank.

What are the conditions for taking advantage of it?

In order to take advantage of the sponsorship offers offered by online banks, certain conditions must be met. The conditions vary from bank to bank, but are basically the same: - Non-client client of the bank (same for joint accounts) - Maximum 10 sponsees per year - Sponsor and sponsee: adults, natural persons, residents in France - Account open for at least 1 year - Initial payment of 300 euros (minimum) at opening - Compliance with minimum income requirements

How to find your online bank?

The question is which online bank to choose, as there are a multitude of offers on the web. The first thing to do is certainly to compare the different elements offered, such as the amount of the bonus, the required down payment, the minimum wage, etc. To do this, you simply need to go to an online comparator that will do all the research for you. Your mission will be to enter the selection criteria of your choice and wait for the results. However, remember to speak directly with the online banker before making your decision. You can then ask a relative who is already registered with an online bank to sponsor you.

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