Online Banking Sponsorship: A Profitable Operation for the Sponsor

Increasingly common in the banking industry, sponsorship offers provide an opportunity for the sponsor and sponsee to earn money easily. But even if bonuses are offered to both players, the offers are often more advantageous for the sponsor. This does not prevent the sponsee from signing up, since they in turn can also become a sponsor.

Higher premiums for the sponsor

Today, more and more online banks are offering referral offers that allow new and existing customers to earn money literally. Indeed, when a customer recommends the opening of a bank account in France within his bank to someone close to him, i.e. he sponsors her, both earn a bonus of a different amount. If the sponsor can obtain a sponsorship bonus of up to €150 (depending on the bank), the godchild is entitled to €80 on average, depending on the bank. This sum can even be lower in some online boxes. Thus, the sponsor's premium is therefore much higher than that of the sponsored child.

The advantages of becoming a sponsor

Becoming a sponsor offers definite advantages since the sponsorship premium is higher. Its minimum amount is €80 and can even reach €150 for some internet banks. It is nevertheless important to note that in some establishments, the referral premiums may be higher, but these are not numerous. The idea of the banks is, of course, to motivate the sponsors more since they bring in new customers. You should also be aware that the two may agree that the godchild should pay part of the premium to the sponsor.

Where can you find your sponsee in this case?

To find a sponsee in order to take advantage of the sponsorship offers proposed by your bank, you can go to dedicated sites to become a sponsor, where sponsees will immediately look for a sponsor to recommend them. You can also request the services of a referral agency or consult the ads posted by those looking for a sponsor on social networks. Since the referral system is not just for family and friends, anyone can become your godchild, as long as you have convinced them of your satisfaction and the quality of the services offered by the online bank.

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