How to choose a sponsorship offer to open an account at the beginning of the school year?

Sponsorship is an easy way to get rich. It's a win-win situation for everyone. For the bank, more customers means more profit for the bank, each customer or "sponsor" receives a bonus and each sponsee receives a welcome bonus as soon as an account is opened. What is the best option?

How to set up a sponsorship system?

You are a banker, entrepreneur or operator, you wish to adopt the sponsorship system to expand your customer base. All you have to do is encourage a client or sponsor to recommend an offer or service to one of his friends, colleagues or godchildren. The use of applications such as Facebook can be a considerable asset. If they become a customer, both the referrer and the sponsoree will earn a reward. It all depends on the attractive rewards you choose to motivate your customers to go your way. These rewards can be material or financial, depending on the nature of your business and your partners. The ideal would be to target the most highly rated customers, according to certain criteria: socio-professional category, place of residence, number of children, especially in the banking networks.

Sponsorship and welcome offer at banks

Being the most involved in the field, the most judicious choice for a sponsorship is to choose an online bank. Today, the banking system is more developed, thanks to the evolution of technology. Indeed, to open a bank account, you are no longer obliged to endure the enormous queue that remains in the banks. Mobile applications allow you to do everything from home. Once you've made your choice for the ideal bank, simply follow the guidelines provided. To take advantage of the sponsorship, all you have to do is communicate your sponsor code to your future godchild and "top chrono" the tour is launched. If the latter joins, after he or she has completed all the formalities (first deposit, application form, credit card subscription), you will receive the fruit of your labour. Each bank offer is different. It is up to you to study which one is the most likely to satisfy you.

Sponsorship and mobile operators

The routine operation for a sponsorship often goes through a bank. The majority of financial transactions are processed through banks, either traditional or online. Today, most banks are closing their doors because of the growing evolution of online banking, since the introduction of referral offers to acquire more customers. All this, without neglecting other diversification strategies such as online savings, loan accounts, life insurance ... Seen in this light, sponsorship represents an enormous potential that everyone can acquire and exploit. As with banks, mobile operators also benefit. The principle is simple, you must have a mobile offer subscribed to at least one month before the start of the operation and access the application, then enter your mobile number to send invitations to your loved ones to take advantage of it. And it takes 5 minutes.

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