How can I compare the sponsorship offers of online banks?

More and more online banks now offer sponsorship offers that make it difficult to choose the proposal that best suits your expectations and needs. To make the right decision, it is therefore best to first compare the different offers on the market. The question is to know how to do it, but before answering it, it is necessary to know the necessary elements to take advantage of your sponsorship offers.

What exactly are the sponsorship offers?

A referral offer is one of the most common services offered by online banks in particular. As the name suggests, it consists of offering a referral bonus to bank customers who recommend their family and friends to open an account at the bank where they are based. By sponsoring this new customer, he or she earns the bonus and a referral bonus will also be offered to the referred customer. It is therefore an excellent way to round off his or her monthly income by obtaining a few hundred euros (150 € max for the sponsor and 80 € max for the godchild). To make it even easier to earn the bonus, the referral system is not only for relatives, but can also be offered to those around you, such as neighbours or colleagues.

But who can benefit from it?

Any new online banking customer who is sponsored by a customer who already has an account can benefit from these offers. It should be noted, however, that certain conditions must be met before being eligible for the sponsorship system, i.e: - Sponsor does not hold an account or financial services (e.g. life insurance) with the bank. - Major, natural person, resident in metropolitan France - Maximum 10 godchildren per year - Keep the account open for 1 year - Initial deposit of at least €300 when opening the account - Minimum income requirements

Methods for comparing offers?

One of the first effective methods to compare the different sponsorship offers is certainly market research. By finding out the amount of bonuses offered and the conditions to be met, you will be able to find the bank that offers the highest bonuses while enjoying a better return. It is also possible to compare the different offers by visiting a comparison platform. These online comparators will help you to easily find the bank that can meet your needs, as you only need to enter your selection criteria in the dedicated fields and the comparator will search for the right offer for you. Easy and practical, these tools will allow you to save precious time while taking advantage of an advantageous formula.

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