Rental property: why invest in SCPIs?

Considered as the real estate savings product that increasingly attracts investors, SCPI or civil real estate investment companies can save with a controlled risk and yet a return of up to 5%. But what is involved-What are its advantages?

What exactly is SCPI?

SCPIs are a type of real estate investment managed and offered by expert management companies. They consist of investing in tertiary real estate on the French market, but also on the European market, under the supervision of the Autorité des marchés financiers. As this is a new niche that is fairly recent, it is advisable to call on an independent expert to advise you on the best scpi real estate investments in complete impartiality. The expert will also be able to tell you which formula can offer the best return on scpi. Moreover, to guarantee the mutualisation of risks, mixing different SCPIs is the ideal solution. Moreover, this can also increase property capital gains.

The advantages brought by the Internet

Today, with all the new tools offered by the Net, the acquisition of SCPI is becoming increasingly easy and accessible to individuals. This is the reason why the purchase of SCPI units is gradually becoming the offer that appeals most to the French. In 2017, the rate of capital raised for the acquisition of SCPI units increased by 15% more than in 2016. During this year, inflows reached a record high of more than EUR 6 billion in investments.

The advantages of SCPIs

Investing in a scpi offers many advantages, the first of which is that it allows you to invest in different types of real estate, from offices to hotels to business premises, without the constraints of rental management. This formula also offers a more competitive and therefore more attractive return. All you have to do is buy units (in cash or on credit) in SCPI, then the management company pays the rent into your account at the end of each month. No more need to worry about the different stages of the rental process such as charges, rental repairs or even work, since the management company administers all of this. As, the tertiary real estate is richer than the other branches of the real estate, you will be able to make you more profits.

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