Buying a property: the most reassuring financial investment!

Real estate has always been and will remain a profitable investment over the long term, not only because it is a constantly expanding market, but also because prices are not very volatile, unlike other financial products. If you are looking for the best solution to make your investment profitable, it is important to choose between buying a new or old property.

The advantages of old real estate

Please note that there is a wide range of choices since it is not tailor-made. You will therefore be able to easily find the ideal property for you according to the actual surface area, the geographical location or the architecture. The real disadvantage of this acquisition is that it may require major work to repair defects and damage present on the property.

The advantages of the acquisition of a property

Real estate investment is known to be a safe and profitable investment because the real estate market is not volatile at all. Indeed, unlike other financial investments that offer significant gains and risky investments, the price of property values rarely vary significantly. It can therefore be said that it is a more or less safe investment. On the other hand, it also represents a long-term investment since the price of a property rarely decreases, except in the event of an economic crisis; on the contrary, it often tends to increase over the years. You will simply have to ensure good maintenance of the property or carry out renovation work if you wish to increase its value.

The advantages of new real estate

The considerable asset of the real estate acquisition of a new house, building or apartment is the guarantees proposed with. Indeed, you will be able to have a legal guarantee (the builder's work damage insurance) which covers the repairs to be carried out in the event of damage to equipment (heating, joinery...) or damage which could weaken the solidity of the construction (lack of conformity, hidden defects...). The purchase of a new property also allows you to benefit from a tax advantage, i.e. exemption from property tax for the first 2 years following the delivery of the work. As you will not have to pay transfer duties, the notary's fees will only cost 2 to 3% of the purchase price, but it should be noted that the project requires time and a fairly large budget.

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